The Masters of Wisdom


During age-long evolution, throughout the successive appearances and disappearances of manifested universes, there have existed Beings who accomplish the transcendence of personality and conquer divine self-onsciousness. These Beings, who are ahead of our perception and consciousness, compose the Spiritual Hierarchy and are called Mahatmas and Masters of Wisdom.

Mahatma is the Great Spirit; an elevated Being which, having mastered lower nature, possesses the knowledge and power that correspond to the stage of his spiritual evolution; a Being who, following the path of Renunciation, has climbed the Ladder of Evolution and become free from rebirth; a highly evoluted spiritual Being controlling Nature’ s forces with self-induced powers acquired either recently or in the remote past.

The Spiritual Masters’ influence is always beneficial, peace-making and noble. They encourage fraternity, progress, love, inspiration, an urge to serve others and a disposition for spirituality.

Out of compassion the Mahatmas renounce realms of spirituality and sheer beauty and stay in the realms of dark forms to help the mental and spiritual growth of humankind. They are the Tutors of humanity during its infant stage of evolution and consider us their younger brothers. Either through established bodies or through messengers of theirs they show humanity everything related to spiritual progress, such as religions, philosphies, esoteric teachings, initiation, sciences, arts, civilization and mystic tradition.

It is said that in their quest for an agent fit to express one of the aspects of Ancient Wisdom, they chose H. P. Blavatsky who, under their guidance and her own personal scheme, presented and spread the Theosophical Movement. This inspired and most competent woman of Russian descent was considered by the Mahatmas as the most suitable person to transfer occult wisdom from the East to the West of the previous century.


Επιτρέπεται η αντιγραφή αποσπασμάτων υπό τον όρο ότι δεν γίνονται αλλαγές, δεν προστίθενται λέξεις ή εικόνες και ότι η πηγή αναγράφεται πλήρως και σωστά.